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Eldriven surfbräda måste vara perfekt som tillbehör på motor och

Radinn Electric Jetboard - the most exciting electric surfboard on the market. Leading battery technology, mind-blowing water jets. Configure your own board. Nu är Radinn mitt uppe i lanseringen av den uppföljande produkten G2X Jetboard och redan nu har de sålt brädor och kringutrustning för närmare 30 miljoner kronor, vilket motsvarar ungefär en tredjedel av den planerade försäljningen av jetboards under året.

G2x jetboard

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Included in this step are FCS Performance fins (Twin pack), Wireless Hand Controller charger, board leash and rinse bottle. Battery Complete your electric jetboard with a Standard battery (L, 35 min run time) or a Long Range battery (XL, 45 min run time). A standard charger Radinn G2X is a board designed for extreme lovers. It weighs about 40 kg, capable of speeds up to 60 km/h and gives an incredible sense of freedom. The fastening system is designed for professionals who are ready to perform dangerous maneuvers. Apr 02, 2018 · The G2X Jetboard is Radinn’s second go-round with an electric surfboard.

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With cutting edge battery technology the Radinn G2X safely and reliably allows you to go exploring - way beyond what has been possible before. The  Modular and highly customizable jetboard with the most advanced electronic on board.

G2x jetboard

Börsnotering av Radinn AB på First North år 2021

G2x jetboard

Choose between three board models based on your riding style. With our patented modular system you can configure your dream ride just as you want it! Radinn from Sweden presented the new 2018 Radinn G2X electric jet-surfboard which will completely replace the former Radinn Wakejet Cruise. The new generation comes with some major improvements and even an electric hydrofoil option was announced for the future.

G2x jetboard

The JET-Board (style variations including jet board, jetboard, and also sometimes known as a hoverboard1) is a device used by Jak in Jak II and Jak 3.
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the swedish company’s motorized board reaches Market leading powered electric surfboards. For beginner and advanced rider. Performance and carve, agile and light. Configure jet board.

The team at Radinn has made something extraordinary while protecting the environment. The G2X from Radinn is the most advanced jetboard ever made. Now perfected with a unique design from TheArsenale. This is the most exclusive G2X jetboard on the market with only one ever made.
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Men vi känner oss trygga med vår position eftersom att vi befinner oss 3 till 5 år före i utvecklingen. The Explore Jetboard. Before we continue our review of the Carve and Freeride models, let’s have a short look at the Explore model.It is based of the earlier G2X model and comes now with the new G3 Jetpack and in two colors called Icebreaker for the black & white version and Sentinel for the dark grey version. Radinn G2X Electric JetBoard, my first test My first test on the Radinn GX2 Electrified JetBoard. Amazing Fun, this board can go up to 55km/h.