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These are earned by purchasing certain products during a promotional period. Some promotions last a week and others last for the entire month. They will print on your receipt immediately after the necessary purchase is made. These can be used “like cash” on most items sold at CVS. Be careful with your ECBs.

Cvs extra bucks rules

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Rewards cannot be earned on any prescriptions purchased in AR Arkansas , NJ New Jersey or NY New York ; any prescriptions transferred to a CVS Pharmacy ® in AL Alabama , MS Mississippi or OR Oregon ; any controlled substance prescriptions purchased in HI Hawaii or LA Louisiana Furthermore, you cannot spend your own earned EBs unless you have your CVS card with you. Only One CVS Card per Household. The official policy of CVS is that only one card per household is allowed. Don’t break the rules by signing up everyone in your immediate family. No Cash Back.

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Namely prescriptions, alcohol, tobacco products, stamps, milk and gift cards. These rules may vary slightly by state and locality, however. EXTRA CARE BUCKS (ECB’s) Shopping at CVS can be easy when you understand how to shop and stack coupons at CVS. Here are tips to maximize your savings relating to the Reward program at CVS. 1. ECBs are Currency.

Cvs extra bucks rules

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Cvs extra bucks rules

While CVS does not place limits, individual stores can. Percentage off coupons can only be used on regular priced items. While CVS allows percent off coupons to be used with regular priced/non-promotional items, if there are exclusions to the rule, they’ll print it on the sign at the product on display. CVS has a 98% purchase rule in order for ExtraBucks Rewards to print. That means, if you need to spend $10 to earn $3 in Extra Bucks (for example), the ECB will generate when you spend $9.80. HOW TO SHOP AT CVS Now that you have the basics, you can put your knowledge to work and learn how to get items for free (or close to it) when you shop. CVS is making a profit from customer returns because they are getting the product (s) back and keeping the coupons plus getting the $0.08 for processing the coupons.

Cvs extra bucks rules

CVS ExtraBucks Tip: The 98% Rule This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you click and buy, I may receive a small commission. Please see my full disclosure policy for details. January 17, 2013 CVS will not accept copied, scanned, altered, mobile scans or expired coupons per the CVS Coupon Policy. To ensure you are getting all discounts, especially those loaded you’re your card, CVS Pharmacy Coupons or Extra Bucks rewards, please present the ExtraCare card immediately at checkout. CVS also has a 98% purchase rule in order for ExtraBucks Rewards to print.
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Is there anyway to reprint these? Solutions posted 6 months ago no longer work … 2020-01-17 How to Roll Extra Bucks Q: How to Roll Extra Care Bucks? A: Its simple, just Break up your transactions and Roll them from one transaction to the next. Find a CVS Promotion Offering Extra Care Bucks and use Extra Care Bucks to pay for it.
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Don’t spend more than you have to — 98% of the ExtraBucks promotion amount will get you the full reward. Hi there, current CVS employee here. ExtraBucks are pretty much free rewards for buying certain items, taking advantage of certain deals, and, at the end of each season, you’ll get a number of ExtraBucks back based on how much you spent at CVS and 2020-05-12 · Those Extra Bucks you’ve earned may still be worth some cash. According to its website, CVS Rewards with expiration dates between March 15, 2020 and April 30, 2020 that have not been redeemed CVS pharmacy™ homepage.